Review of Admission Essay Writing Service

 Admissions Essay Advice – Overview

Admissions Essay Advice is different in many ways to any admission essay writing service as it believes in working with customers rather than working for them. At Admissions Essay Advice, a highly skilled team of 53 members helps out thousands of students by providing admission essay editing and admission consultancy services. The company assigns an expert admission counselor and a professional editor to each student to make sure that an admission essay which truly represents the customer should be produced. At Admissions Essay Advice your essays are scrutinized keeping in mind 160 different criteria, meanwhile, customers also have the option of getting their essays revised without incurring extra cost.

Editorial Admissions Essay Advice Rating

Admissions Essay Advice has received a 2-star rating from our editorial team because the company offers personalized admission essay writing service that will attract most students. However, one of the reasons why we haven’t opted for a higher rating is that Admissions Essay Advice’s website does not impart enough information about the company. Generally, we found their website to be visually appealing and well organized. The company offers different membership packages covering a period of 6 months which are reasonably affordable.

Customer’s Admissions Essay Advice Ranking

The fact that their website does not have testimonials or customer reviews led us to conclude that it would be better if we refrained from awarding any customer’s ranking to Admissions Essay Advice.

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Is Admissions Essay Advice a Scam?

We have reviewed Admissions Essay Advice and have concluded that it is a legit service. Their service has received an A+ BBB rating, which is quite conclusive. Admissions Essay Advice would be better off if it publishes customer testimonials on its website. There are no Admission essay Advice fraud rumors and customers can rely on this service without any second thoughts.