Review of admission essay writing service Overview

Admission Writers appears to be a company that is in transition to the online world. They say that they currently have 150 writers and they are providing top of the line admission essay writing services. Not to mention the fact that they claim that all are their writers are native English speakers and they also are said to be available 24/7. Also, the success rate of Admission Writers according to them is at 95% success currently.

Editorial Admission Writers Rating

From what it stated on the website of Admission Writers it seems as though they would deserve a five star rating yet this is not the case. Instead they are presented with a 1 star rating because there is no background on the company and their website is set in the format of more like a blog than a website. Not to mention the fact that they say rates start at $20 and alert potential buyers that they are available 24/7 – what customers want to hear – yet then they turn around and have no way for them to contact their writing services.

Customer’s Ranking

Admission Writer customer ranking is something that cannot be established at this date because no one has left any reviews.

Other Admission Writers Reviews Found

No other Admission Writers reviews could be found on the web at this time.

Is a Scam?

No one has stated that scam or fraud is taking place. Also, it appears as though they have no way of being contacted so there is virtually no way that they can be a scam if they cannot even be contacted or have a contact form/order form for clients to be able to pay them the money for admission essay writing services.