Review of Essay Writing Service Overview

Beat the GMAT is not an admission essay writing service instead they are a service that allows you to prepare for the GMAT. They share a bunch of useful tips to students. Not to mention the fact that they also free resources available for students and offer the beat the GMAT discount for students who require their paid services.

Editorial Beat The GMAT Rating

Based on what we have seen on their website we would give a four star rating. The one star is missing because we feel that their website is really unorganized. However, they do share a lot of information and they are also very in tune with different social media networks.

Customer’s ranking

Customers seem to give them a four star rating. They always seem to have activity taking place on their different social networking sites and to date no one has said anything negative about this company to lead others to believe that they are a scam or a rip off.

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Is a Scam?

Based on how many customers seem to use their services and the amount of activity they have taking place on the different social media pages we do not believe that is a scam or a fraud. They seem to be a site that has a lot to offer students and they take pride in knowing that they can provide students with the guidance that they need to get into the school of their choice. Not to mention the fact that many of their most valuable resources for students are free so they have a lot to offer students that will not cause them to come out of their pockets and spend any money at all.