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Shine: Education Consulting – Overview

‘Shine: Education Consulting’ is a unique admission consultancy service which offers much more than admission essay writing service. At ‘Shine: Education Consulting’, students are assisted in writing admission essays which tell their personal stories in a compelling way by showcasing their academic careers. Operating since 1998 and founded by acclaimed writer and PhD degree holder, Bridget Hoida, Shine is one of the few credible admission essay services available online. The good news is that ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ offers its services to high school students, undergraduates, graduates and non-entry transfer students as well.

Editorial Shine: Education Consulting Rating

We have given a 3-star rating to ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ as its service guarantees a higher success rate and also appeals to a more diverse audience. Although, we found their website to be very informative and one which showcases the company’s services rather nicely, still we had some issues with its overall visual appeal. Another aspect which the management needs to quickly address is that customers can only file orders online without having a fair idea about the company’s price plans. The fact that the website of ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ contains a separate section for testimonials and discloses complete contact information is a major plus.

Customer’s Shine: Education Consulting Ranking

We found the testimonials available at the ‘Shine: education Consulting’ website to be very encouraging. While there is no method to verify these testimonials still on the basis of customers’ comments left on the website, we think the service deserves a good ranking.

Other Shine: Education Consulting Reviews Not Found

There are no other ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ reviews available to customers.

Is Shine: Education Consulting a Scam?

We have every reason to believe that ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ is a 100% legit admission essay service. A quick review of their website can give any visitor access to their complete contact information including postal address and telephone number. Further, the customer testimonials available on the website also strengthen the notion that there is no possibility of any ‘Shine: Education Consulting’ fraud.