Review of Admission Essay Writing Service

College A Team – Overview

College A Team is a professional admission essay writing service managed by a group of professional academic writers who are well-versed with the admission process and requirements at the top colleges in the US. At College A Team different service packages are on offer. Under the full service package, an expert editor will help the customer write an admission essay from scratch. On the other hand, single review package gives students an opportunity to get their drafts reviewed by the experts. A unique service offered at College A Team is full-service video package under which students are assisted in preparing a video essay. College A Team offers decent quality at not so high rates which is why it is getting popular.

Editorial College A Team Rating

College A Team deserves a 2-star rating out of 5 considering their overall quality of services, affordability, website usability and trustworthiness. We realize that customers are always anxious about knowing about company history but there is insufficient information about College A Team on their website. We believe that many students will find their service packages to be very attractive both in terms of quality and affordability. The fact that College A Team also offers video essay services gives them edge over their competitors because very few companies offer this service. We did not find any College A Team discount offers.

Customer’s College A Team Ranking

On the basis of customer reviews available on the company’s website we are bound to give a positive ranking to College A Team. However, we find it necessary to state that there was no way we could contact any of those customers to confirm their reviews.

Other College A Team Reviews Not Found

There are no other College A Team reviews.

Is College A Team a Scam?

We cannot say with certainty if College A Team is a credible service or not because it has not received BBB rating. Therefore, customers are advised to buy their service only after making contact with their customer support service.