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Victoria Aiello & Associates – Overview

Victoria Aiello & Associates is a private admission and writing consultancy founded by Victoria Aiello who has experience of over 14 years in academic writing. Although, their service mainly focuses on writing and speaking consultancy, their services also include admission essay review, term paper editing, speech writing, general editing and research project presentations. The writers at Victoria Aiello & Associates hold one-on-one consultation sessions with clients to provide them a step-by-step approach in academic writing. At VAA, writers provide personalized services to writers who seek assistance in creative writing, academic writing or general writing. Based in Greenwich, Connecticut, Victoria Aiello & Associates is a promising admission essay writing service for students looking for HQ admission services.

Editorial Victoria Aiello & Associates Rating

Victoria Aiello & Associates is a 2-star rated online writing consultancy service which also offers admission essay writing advice. Although, we have little doubt on the high quality of admission essay writing advice offered by the company, still an hourly rate of $125 is one of the most expensive in the industry and will definitely discourage students from opting for their service. The website of VAA is practically like a ‘sales page’ without any site map. No information on customer reviews, customer support or discount offers are available on their website. VAA really needs to improve their website if they wish to be taken seriously be potential clients.

Customer’s Victoria Aiello & Associates Ranking

We have not awarded a customer’s ranking to VAA since the company’s website does not contain any customer reviews on their service.

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No other Victoria Aiello & Associates reviews are available.

Is Victoria Aiello & Associates a Scam?

As the credentials of the founder of VAA, Victoria Aiello are very impressive we found enough evidence to conclude that their writing and speaking consultancy service is legit.