e2wstudy.com Review

Review of Admission Essay Writing Service e2wstudy.com

E2WStudy – Overview

E2WStudy, LLC, is a newly established online admission essay writing service founded by a Harvard graduate. Although, the company is fairly young in the industry as it was established in 2011, still it is gaining popularity. A specialty of E2WStudy is the fact that all the writers and editors on its team are Harvard graduates or alumni. From simple admission essay review to intensive brainstorming, E2WStudy offers comprehensive admission essay editing services to law students, medical students and business students. The writers at E2WStudy have all gone through the tough admission process at Harvard; therefore, they claim to be best equipped to help students write admission essays that can get them admissions in Harvard and other top universities.

Editorial E2WStudy Rating

E2WStudy has been awarded a 2-star rating out of 5 mainly because their service is fairly new in the industry and they will find it hard to compete with more experienced online admission essay writing services. Positives with E2WStudy include Harvard graduated writers, fast turnaround and comprehensive admission essay review services for students from all fields. On the other hand, the price plans available on their website are very expensive and only a select group of students will find their service affordable. Their website is quite simple and does not contain any free resources or writing tips.

Customer’s E2WStudy Ranking

No customer testimonials are published on the website of E2WStudy as a result we are unable to give a customer’s ranking to the company’s admission essay writing services.

Other E2WStudy Reviews Found

We did not come across any third-party reviews of the services offered by E2WStudy.

Is E2WStudy a Scam?

There isn’t any doubt on whether E2WStudy is a credible online admission essay writing service or not. It’s a 100% legit service.