Review of Admission Essay Writing Service

HTB Consultants – Overview

HTB Consultants is a Toronto-based MBA admission essay writing service that promises its clients guaranteed admissions in the top universities and business schools in the US. Unlike some of the other admission essay writing services, HTB Consultants only offers admission essay editing services. At HTB Consultants, each client is given sound advice to improve his or her MBA admission essay under personal care of a qualified and experienced consultant. Apart from one time essay review service, HTB also offers comprehensive admission help which involves complete admission process guidance. Getting started at HTB Consultants is very easy as the company also offers free admission essay critique service.

Editorial HTB Consultants Rating

HTB Consultants is certainly not one of the top MBA admission essay writing services; therefore, we have decided to award 2-star rating out of 5 to their service. Since HTB Consultants only offers admission essay review service it limits their scope in comparison to companies offering complete essay writing services. The service prices at HTB Consultants are very high as compared to the industry norms. Free resources and essay samples available on their website will be of great aid to potential clients. Although, HTB Consultants does offer free essay review offer still we feel it necessary to mention that during our review we noted that this service was temporarily down.

Customer’s HTB Consultants Ranking

HTB Consultants appeals to an international audience and this fact is evident from the customer testimonials available on their website. Although, customer reviews on the company’s website are favorable still we did not award any customer’s ranking since we could not authenticate the validity of these reviews.

Other HTB Consultants Reviews Found

No other HTB Consultants reviews are available.

Is HTB Consultants a Scam?

Although, we do not have any knowledge of any HTB Consultants scam allegations still we cannot say for sure if their service is legit. The only encouraging factor is that we found postal and email address on their website which should be used by all interested persons to make inquiries.