Review of admission essay writing service

International Medical Graduates Match and Scramble Services provides medical students with admission help and provides admission assistance. provides a match service which includes the following:

Match Services

  • Review your application package. This includes review and editing of the two most important documents: CV and Personal Statement.
  • Develop a plan of action. This plan includes how to get U.S. LORs and clinical experience (if necessary).
  • IMG’s service guides you throughout the entire process, from putting your application together to helping you with interview Thank You letters.
  • Submit your application to all the programs via alternative channels. You will have to submit the ERAS® application only to the programs that have provided some positive feedback.
  • Provide you with a personalized list of programs in your specialty matching your credentials.
  • Personalized TODO newsletters with important dates and event reminders.

The admission service the site provides does not include admission papers or admission essays.

IMG also provides excellent professional help for the preparation of interviews, with their comprehensive $750 package, providing the following services:

  • A face to face web interview with a professional coach to simulate the residency interview environment.
  • Detailed performance analysis after your interview. Your strengths and weaknesses are identified and ways are pointed out to improve you.
  • Audio recording of your interview session. Provides you a unique opportunity to listen to your speech after the interview. This is one of the best self-improvement tools.
  • Writing effective Thank you Letters and post-interview communicate with the program. Helps you follow up the program after your interview and stay in touch with the program.
  • Access to IMG Residency Interview Preparation E-book. Their e-book will provide you with all necessary tips for a successful Interview.
  • Unlimited E-mail/Phone consultations with your coach.

The admission services review identifies this site as a leading medical admission service and provides key features that help the medical students in getting admission in their colleges of choice.