IvyEdge.com Review

Review of admission essay writing service IvyEdge.com

Ivy Edge provides leading edge admission consultancy for applicants in all kinds of schools.

Ivy Edge deals in the following admission essays:

  • Business School Admission Essay
  • Medical School Admission Essay
  • Undergraduate Admission Essay
  • Law School Admission Essay
  • Graduate School Admission Essay
  • Scholarship Essay

Sample admission papers are provided for the respective schools as well for the students to practice and review the test papers.

Ivy Edge maintains a 10 point system:

  • School Selection
  •  Essay Guidance and Editing/Re-write
  • Recommendation Guidance/Assistance
  • Volunteer/Community Enhancement
  • Application Timing
  • Mock Interview
  • Financial Aid/Scholarship Advice & Assistance
  • Waitlist Strategies
  • Where to Enroll
  • Everything in Between

This is a pretty comprehensive admission service used by the Ivy Edge, and it makes them a very capable system which provides excellent admission help. This 10 point system of the Ivy Edge is a useful system from which students can take advantage of, especially in things like Mock Interviews that are conducted with their extensive question list.  These things provide real admission assistance for the students in a very competitive environment where everything counts.

But the question is why Ivy Edge?  Well Ivy Edge answers it on their site – ivyedge.com, by stating their cheap pricing, flexibility and interaction ethics with the students as in not disclose personal data of the applicant. Ivy Edge claims that they will never distribute or use your essay in any way, unless permission is specifically granted. They provide a high level of quality in the professional essays which are so crucial for gaining admission into a reputable university.

Our admission services review came up with the conclusion that Ivy Edge does provide a capable team of professional essay editors who will help you out in the most crucial aspect of your admission package. In addition Ivy Edge provides complete admission assistance as well which is a very thorough and helpful program.