Review of Essay Writing Service

Law School Expert Overview:

Law School Expert is one admission essay writing services that has been in business since 2004. They offer students the Law School Expert Discount and essays are available only for law school. Currently, Law School Expert is located in the state of Arizona. Also, they are not currently into the whole social media thing so the only way to contact them is by phone or filling out there contact form on the website,

Editorial Law School Expert Rating:

We rank this admission essay service at a 3 star ranking. This ranking comes into play because we see that they have potential yet they have been around for quite some time now and they do not seem really established. After looking around their website,, we found them intriguing and wanted to search the web to find out more information about them. However, there was none.

Customer Law School Expert Ranking:

The only customer Law School Expert rankings we were able to find were 5 star rankings left on their testimonials page. They have about 4 video testimonials and all of their other admission essay services reviews are actually typed out. This may ease some peoples’ minds seeing the Law School Expert reviews however not enough to ease ours.

Other Law School Expert Reviews Not Found:

We were unable to find any other reviews about the Law School Expert besides stating how many visitors they receive and things of that nature.