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Looking for Entirely Professional Approach? – Admissions Essay Overview

Admissions Essay, as their name hints, is an admission service that specializes in writing an excellent admission essay/admission papers for students who dream of going to college to make something out of their lives. They have customer service representatives available at all time to provide the admission help/admission assistance that students may need. All of their writers are qualified and have degrees. Also, they insure that they can complete a quality paper in the amount of time that it is needed be; if not customers will receive all of their money back.

Editorial  Rating

Based on talking to one of their customer services representatives and by visiting we are able to give them a 5 star rating. They have very affordable and reasonable prices, their staff is very friendly and their website is very nicely laid out and easy to use. Also, they provide a ton of different services there is no way that one cannot find what they need to help them get into the school that they prefer with this company.

Customers Ranking

Customers all over the word have been ranking as having some of the best writers than any other admission services. All of their customers have been happy with their work and not one of them has even thought about asking for their money back. They have told stories about how they like their fast service and also they have shared what high ranked school they were able to get into as well.

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Is Admissions essay a scam?

Based on the testimonials that are on their website it would seem that Admission Essay is not a scam. However, they don’t seem to have any partners listed on their website and they also do not have any reviews anywhere on the web so there is no way that we can be sure that their testimonials are actually real. Based on their website everything seems to be legit however since they have nothing written about them outside of their website there is a 50/50 chance that they could indeed be a scam.