Review of Essay Writing Service Overview

Manhattan GMAT is not the average admission essay writing service instead what they provide is assistance with the GMAT. They have offices located in a variety of areas that are located in the United States and they are able to hire only the best instructors to insure that you will be more than ready for the GMAT. Not to mention the fact that they have lots of free resources available for the students as well.

Editorial Manhattan GMAT Rating

Based on what we have seen on their website we would give them a four star rating. This rating comes from the fact that all of their instructors are experienced and knows what they are doing. Also, Manhattan GMAT deserves this rating because they can be verified as not being a scam or a fraud. However, we do feel as though one star should be taken away because they do have pricey rates which in return may be hard for some students to afford.

Customers Ranking

Based on the reviews on their website,, it seems as though the customers are very happy with the services that this company has to provide.

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Is a scam?

We do not feel as though Manhattan GMAT is a scam. They seem to be a very legit company yet there prices just seem a little high. However, they have been left a ton of reviews by their customers so the price that you are expected to pay should definitely be worth it or we do not feel as many people would have boasted about their services as have. Not to mention the fact that they also offer free services as well that may turn out to benefit you.