MBA Admit is another admission assistance website which focuses on the MBA track. All MBA clients work directly with our lead consultant, Dr. Shel Watts. Dr. Watts draws on the expertise she has garnered from her past experience as a Harvard admissions worker, a Harvard alumni recruiter, a Harvard academic advisor, and an interview coach to students attending Harvard Business School. Her record of success is exceptional. She has helped young professionals attain admission to all of the Top-15 business schools (and other prestigious MBA programs), including Harvard, Stanford, Wharton, Columbia, INSEAD, The University of Chicago, Kellogg, MIT, Yale, Berkeley, Oxford, UCLA, USC, NYU, Duke, UVA and Cornell. Dr. Shel Watts has also helped young aspiring leaders to attain scholarships such as the Rhodes scholarship, the Fulbright Scholarship and scholarships to top MBA programs.

What MBA Admits brings to you?

  • Over 20 years of advising understanding and experience.
  •  Inside experience and knowledge with Harvard admissions/
  •  Top-quality writing skills developed at Harvard and Oxford
  •  A team of advisors who are MBA graduates of Harvard Business School, Wharton, Stanford Business School, Columbia Business School and the Yale School of Management.
  •  Top business experience, received at McKinsey & Company and Morgan Stanley
  •  Extensive experience working with U.S. and international students
  • Admission service which includes admission papers and other admission help regarding the interview and all aspects of the admission process.

The services aren’t free of course, so has classified their services into three packages for you to choose the best package, which will help you in writing the best admission essay:

  • Platinum Comprehensive Service (the broadest range of services)
  • Gold Comprehensive Service (for the more price sensitive candidate
    who would still like a broad range of services)
  • Basic Service

All in all the admission service review points out that the site is quite useful for students who are interested in applying for MBA and want help in their application process.