Review of Essay Writing Service Overview

VERITAS Prep is an admission essay writing service that has located all around the United States. They seem to have been in business for quite a while based on the amount of users that they have on some of their social networking website, such as Facebook. Currently, they are not offering a VERITAS Prep discount but they do offer a variety of essays for various schools, such as , medical school, law school, graduate, college and MBA just to name a few. Not to mention the fact that they have other services available to students as well.

Editorial VERITAS Prep Rating

Based on what we have seen on VERITAS Prep website,, we would give them a 5 star rating. This five star rating has been given due to the fact that they seem to have a ton of success stories not to mention the fact that many companies have talked about their work as well, such as, Forbes and Bloomberg.

Customers VERITAS Prep Ranking

Based on the reviews that we have seen on their website and throughout the web we would say that customers are ranking at a 5 star rating. Everyone seems to be satisfied with their work and there have been no reports of them being a scam.

Other VERITAS Prep Reviews found

When searching the web we were able to come across other reviews of They all seemed to say positive things and no one said they were a scam or their services were not up to their expectations.

Is VERITAS Prep a Scam?

Based on everything that we have seen on the web about VERITAS Prep we would say this is one of the admission essays writing services that is not a scam. They are 100% legit and they have a ton of reviews to compliment their outstanding admission essay writing service as well.